The global non-viral drug delivery systems market for healthcare to grow at an annualized rate of ~14%, till 2035

The global demand for biologics currently holds the largest share in the non-viral drug delivery domain and is expected to show the similar trend in the coming years.

Further, the nanoparticle and extracellular vesicles emerged as the star as per the BCG matrix during our research. In recent years, efficient methods for facilitation of intracellular drug delivery have become a prominent need within the modern biopharmaceutical industry. It is also interesting to note that the polymer has a low growth rate but a higher market share. Hence, it is considered as the cash cow in the current time. The ongoing research for various types of technological modifications is expected to lead to the development of newer generation of non-viral drug delivery systems that are anticipated to hold a significant share in the future market.


Over the past few years, players engaged in the domain of non-viral drug delivery have signed various partnerships aiming in efficient intracellular delivery of drugs. During our research, we observed that majority of the partnership deals (42%) were technology licensing deals followed by technology evaluation agreement (20%). Additionally, intracellular drug delivery systems market has witnessed seven instances of acquisitions and mergers in the given time period. This trend reflects that companies are continuously striving to expand their existing service offerings.


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The global demand for biologics currently holds the largest share in the non-viral drug delivery domain. However, the demand for small molecule in the long term is anticipated to increase as the new advances the medical field would soon allow the intracellular delivery of drugs orally.


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